Sari Avis
BSc, Lic Ac, MBAcC

Ringwood Acupuncture Testimonials

CH, Verwood - Sari is a patient, kind and highly skilled therapist. I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone who needs treatment to aid swift recovery from injuries or ill health.

SC, Wimborne - I have been going to Sari for over 11 years and she is my "go to" person for maintaining good health, as well as specific treatments for me and my family. Sari treated me through a long awaited pregnancy and I have no doubt that her treatment and care contributed towards a healthy pregnancy and birth. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

DSH, Bournemouth - Over many years I have found Sari to be a professional and dedicated practitioner who uses her extensive knowledge and varied skills to a very high and effective standard. She has a gentle dignity, treating her patients with kindness, understanding and compassion. She has made a difference to the health and wellbeing of my family, treating a wide variety of conditions very effectively. I would have no hesitation to recommending her to anyone and everyone!

PG, Christchurch - Sari is one of the wisest people I know. Over the past 9 years she has induced birth, turned my baby prior to birth, helped relieve mild depression, PMT and reduced heavy periods. I always feel much better after an appointment than before. Would definitely recommend.

TK, Verwood - Since I moved to Verwood, regular treatment with Sari has helped me to deal with the stress of moving and life in general. her approach is very professional, caring and supportive. I can highly recommend Sari. LC, Cranborne - Sari’s acupuncture has been of great benefit to me and many others I know. Her experience and knowledge in her field is vast and I would highly recommend her. She has a kind, gentle and professional way about her, that instantly puts her patients at ease.

MG, Ringwood - I was recommended to Sari Avis as an acupuncturist by many people. She lives up to her reputation. I have been seeing her for treatments over the last year following a debilitating illness. I am now constitutionally stronger. Sari also treated me for a severe sinus infection, one treatment gave instant relief. She offers both Japanese and Chinese forms so even if you have "fear of needles" she can treat you. I feel we are so lucky to have her practicing locally.

KA, Fordingbridge - I’ve known Sari as a friend and as a patient for over 15 years. She helped my husband, my children and myself on numerous occasions with various health issues and problems.Sari is a remarkable professional whose skill, knowledge and expertise are combined with amazing sensitivity and empathy. It is wonderful to see how Sari is always looking into new ways of enhancing her professional knowledge in acupuncture, so that she could offer the best treatment for each individual. I can only recommend her and wish her the very best in life and in her career.

SG, Verwood - I have been seeing Sari for the last 14 years for various reasons- from pregnancy, birth, post pregnancy recovery, illness and general lack of energy. Her acupuncture always helps, she is amazing. Highly recommend.

SL, Southampton - Sari is very knowledgeable and a very gifted healer, always pays great attention to every detail with compassion and genuine interest in well-being. I am grateful to Sari for literally keeping me alive and well.

KH, Highcliffe - I would give Sari the highest recommendation; she is professional, compassionate and her calm presence promotes a sense of well -being.

TB, Sway - have been seeing Sari regularly now for nearly four years following a particular problem which led me to try various complementary treatments. I remain very impressed with Sari and her acupuncture. She is very experienced, thorough, gentle, knowledgable and effective. I always feel the benefit of each treatment and would not hesitate to recommend others to her professional specialism.

ZP, Ringwood - I look forward to my acupuncture with Sari. It helps me to become calm when I feel anxious. It also releases physical tension in my back. Sari is very kind and understanding.

GM, Brockenhurst - My family and I have consulted Sari for nearly twenty years and she is our rock in times of crisis. Her integrity, wisdom and commitment to healing informs every treatment.

JB, Christchurch - Sari was just so kind and so incredibly supportive during my time trying to get pregnant. She helped prepare not only my body, but my head for IVF and then nurtured us during the pregnancy. We have the most amazing calm little girl. I can’t thank Sari enough for her help and support.

JH, Wimborne - I choose to see Sari, as she's an exceptional acupuncturist. She goes on and runs various courses. She treats in an effective and gentle style. Being a fellow practitioner of 22 years I admire and trust her enormously and refer patients to her.

FS, Bransgore - I have a complex back problem causing severe pain and immobility. I have been visiting Sari monthly for nearly 2 years now and without visiting her for acupuncture I would not be able to function as well as as I do. I am pain free when I leave her treatment room and always feel great!

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