Sari Avis
BSc, Lic Ac, MBAcC

Baby needle free accupunture

Needle-Free Treatment for Babies and Children

Babies and children respond very well to acupuncture treatment. Sometimes only 5 minutes are enough to balance a young child’s body. Toyohari acupuncture style is unique in developing special tools and techniques to treat babies from their first day of life.

No needles are used.

It was initially developed in Japan and is very gentle and non-invasive, simple and vey effective. Stroking, rubbing and tapping techniques are used.

Conditions such as colic, asthma, allergies, eczema, sleep, cold and flu are some of the most common reasons for parents to seek Toyohari treatment for.

Digestion, bed-wetting, diet, certain behavioural issues and many general developmental aspects of raising children can also be discussed and supported.

Many parents choose Toyohari acupuncture for their babies and children, particularly after enjoying the benefits for themselves.

Treatments for babies and children are shorter and affordable.