Sari Avis
BSc, Lic Ac, MBAcC

Sari uses Different styles of Acupuncture to Suit Everyone

Acupuncture has something to offer everyone, as it enhances and balances the body’s natural ability to heal. As the treatment is aimed at helping the whole person, anybody, regardless of the symptoms, can benefit. In fact, some people use it regularly as a preventative treatment, simply to increase their feeling of wellbeing.

All the styles that Sari practices aim not only to relieve symptoms, but also to diagnose and treat the fundamental imbalance that gave rise to these symptoms in the first place. Symptoms are therefore less likely to reappear and the body is fine-tuned in such a way that it makes dis-ease less likely in future. This is what makes Sari’s treatments different to the sort of acupuncture you might receive in a pain clinic for example, where most often the symptoms alone are treated.

Sari graduated from the International College of Oriental Medicine in 1991. She studied an integrated approach that included, among others, Stems and Branches and Five Element styles of acupuncture. These are effective and well- documented ancient acupuncture styles.

In addition to these more widespread Chinese styles, Sari is also trained in a Japanese acupuncture tradition called Toyohari. It is unique in that it is gentle and mostly non-insertive, therefore appealing to anyone uncomfortable with needling. Many parents choose it for their babies and children, particularly after enjoying the benefits for themselves.